Diabetes care Herbal Wooden Tumbler- Indian Kino Tree / Bijasar / Bijaka / Vijaysar / Pterocarpus Marsupium- 200 Ml

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Vijaysar Wood Tumbler
Vijaysar Wood Tumbler

Vijaysar Herbal Wood Tumbler (Indian Kino Tree Cup) is widely used by traditional healers of India since thousand of years for blood sugar management. Effects of this herb for controlling blood glucose in type 2 Diabetes is well documented in clinical trials and is found to reduce Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) & Post Prandial blood sugar (PBS). It also prevents development of long-term complications of type 2 diabetes.

Common Names of Vijaysar Tree

Vijaysar Tree has different names in other language, and they are following-:

  • Vijayasara, Vijaysar,Bija, Beejaka, Asana (Hindi)
  • Indian Kino tree, Malabar Kino tree, Red sandalwood (English)
  • Vegai, Venga katal, Vengai (Tamil)
  • Vegisa, Peddagi, Yegi (Telugu)
  • Biyo (Gujarati)
  • Piashala, Piasal (Oriya)
  • Bijasar (Urdu)
  • Venga (Malayalam)
  • Banga, Bange mara, Kempu honne, Bijasara, Asana (Kannada)
  • Peetashal, Piyasal, Piyasala, Pitasala, (Bengali)
  • Chandan Lal, Channanlal (Punjabi)
  • Vivala, Bibala (Marathi)
  • Lal Chandeur (Kashmiri)
  • Bijaysaar Siddha, Tamil-Vengai (Unani)
  • Biyo, Asana, vijaysar, Pitasara, Asanam, bijasal (Ayurvedic)

Latin Name of Vijaysar-:

  • Pterocarpus marsupium Roxb. (Fabaceae)

Sanskrit & Indian name of Vijaysar:

·         Bijaka, Pitasara, Pitashalaka

Scientific or Botanical Name of Vijaysar:

The scientific name or Botanical name of Vijaysar is Pterocarpus Marsupium.

Instruction 1: Fill the wooden tumbler with drinking water at night.

  • Instruction 2: In the morning, empty the water which is now colored, into a clean tumbler, Filter the water and drink it .
  • Instruction 3 : Continue this for at least 45-50 days and when the colour of the water stops changing the colour, scratch the inside of the glass carefully without hurting yourself and use again for 7-15 days.
  • Instruction- 4 : Use one tumbler for 60 days.
  • Instruction- 5 : After 60 days use a new tumbler.

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    How long we can use this tumbler and how soon you can deliver it?

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      You can use it for 60 days or till the time water changes its colour.You can recieve it in 2-3 Working Days.

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