Roasted Mini Makhana-Tasty Tomato 100 gm


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Roasted Mini Makhana Tomato

Makhana Also Known As Gorgon/Fox Nut Or Ferox Euryale Is A Super Food With Host Of Health Benefits Owing To Superb Combination Of Various Nutrients. Makhana Has High Content Of Amino Acids.

Its Essential Amino Acid Index (Eaai) Is > 95. Makhana Has Adequate Amounts Of 8 Out Of 9 Essential Amino Acids Required For Good Health Of Humans And Is Packed With Many Other Micro & Macro Nutrients Such As Vitamins & Minerals.

Makhana Has Zero Cholesterol, Has Very Low Fat Content And Is Quite Energizing.

Roasted Mini Makhana Tomato Is Hygienically Made From Hand-Picked Mini Makhana, Sourced From Best Makhana Farms Of North Bihar, Using Natural Ingredients And Vegetable Butters Without Trans-Fats, For Extra Crunchiness.


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