Punarnava (पुनर्नवा ) Powder (Boerhavia Diffusa) – 100 Gms


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Punarnava Powder i.e. Boerhavia diffusa is a species of flowering plant in the four o’clock family which is commonly known as punarnava (meaning that which rejuvenates or renews the body in Ayurveda)

Useful for

  • Reducing swelling
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Anemia, early stage of liver disorders
  • Cardiac disorders.
  • Punarnava is an excellent diuretic. In cases of high blood pressure requiring diuretic action, punarnava is used.
  • Cough and cold
  • Relieves sputum
  • Chest injury
  • Relieving pain, abdominal colic.
  • Heavy periods, menorrhagia
  • Improves digestion strength
  • Improves taste, useful in anorexia
  • Useful in Hemorrhoids
  • Speeds up wound healing
  • Chronic toxic conditions
  • Because of its diuretic action, it can be used in relieving urinary retention, where structural anomaly is not the cause for the retention.
  • Punarnava Powder is also quite useful in relieving water retention as in case of adverse effects of long term use of steroids.

Dosage- Powder 1-3 g. Decoction (Kashaya) – 50 – 100ml in divided dose, per day.


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