Roasted Mini Makhana – Carom n Cummin 100 gm

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Makhana Also Known As Gorgon/Fox Nut Or Ferox Euryale Is A Super Food With Host Of Health Benefits Owing To Superb Combination Of Various Nutrients. Makhana Carom and Cummin Has High Content Of Amino Acids. Its Essential Amino Acid Index (Eaai) Is > 95. Makhana Has Adequate Amounts Of 8 Out Of 9 Essential Amino Acids Required For Good Health Of Humans And Is Packed With Many Other Micro & Macro Nutrients Such As Vitamins & Minerals.Makhana Has Zero Cholesterol, Has Very Low Fat Content And Is Quite Energizing.Carom N Cumin Is Hygienically Made From Hand-Picked Mini Makhana, Sourced From Best Makhana Farms Of North Bihar, Using Natural Ingredients And Vegetable Butters Without Trans-Fats, For Extra Crunchiness.


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