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Lemon and Orange Kids Soap really wakes you up. it is the most concentrated citric flavor you can blend together. It has bergamot, Lemon and orange oils which really create a combination that puts you in a very energetic mood. you won’t be feeling tiered after bathing with this soap.

Lemon and Orange Kids Soap  is something very summer to me about citrus. Sadly, summer here in Boston is coming to a close and I am not looking forward to the snowy winter ahead and So before this warm weather goes completely and I wanted to share with you the orange zest lemon scented soap I made. It’s the perfect way to capture that last bit of summer and hold it hostage in your bathroom!

A make this soap, you’re going to need to get your hands on the zest of 1-2 oranges and the some soap colorant, vitamin E, and a lemon scent and (I used lemon essential oil ).Pretty easy!

To start, I melted my soap base in a {make-shift} double boiler. This is Usually I microwave my soap base in 15-30 second intervals, but doing this can sometimes cause the soap to overheat (which leads to unsightly bubbles and a loss of moisture). And I thought I would give the double boiler method a try, just to see what happens.

A helps to melt just a bit faster (more surface area exposed to heat ) and obviously fit into the bowl better The clear base (and most clear bases generally) looks cloudy when solid, but when melted it soon begins to the look the way it should.

The Once your soap base has melted, add your colorant, vitamin E, and orange zest pieces. They Add in lemon scent until you feel the soap is adequately lemony. This Soap scents that I have used in the past usually recommend 5 drops of scent per ounce of soap and the  Essential oils can be strong, so use your judgment here.


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