Jungle Fresh Mahua Sharbat – 750 Ml


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Mahuwa flower is edible and is a food item for tribals. They are used to make syrup for medicinal purposes

Mahua flowers have long been used in traditional medicine as a cure for a myriad of ills like:

·         Heart Problems

·         Bronchital Problems

·         Eye problem

·         To treat TB

·         Asthma

·         Blood disease

·         Tonsillitis

·         To get rid of parasitical internal worm.

A renowned ayurvedic health drink for entire family Loaded with Micronutrients and energy to vitalize your health.

Goodness of Mahua helps you in:

·         Digestion

·         Liver & kidney purification

·         Increase sperm count,

·         Fertility,

·         Increase oxygen carrying capacity,

·         Helps during menstrual pain

·         Highly nutrition supplement for lactating mothers

·         Also useful in the trearment of fisher and piles.

While making the products enough care is taken to ensure quality and purity which is natural in the pure pockets of the country. The products are Mahua Jam and Mahua Sharbat. The Nutritional facts are tested by Highly certified labs.

The sweet Jam and Sharbat are a TRIBAL TREAT straight from tribal land with open heart accept the product, taste the sweetness of myriad land of Gadchiroli.Currently 20 tribals are involved in this product making apart from collect in lakh numbers spread all over the district.

The little purchase of their product would help the poorest of the poor

Non alcoholic products from Mahua.

Though mahua flowers form a good source of nutrition mostly people do not use them as it is mostly used to make liquor it carries a toboo. In order to remove the taboo and generate employment to people non-alcoholic products from mahua flowes are being produced by JFMC chandala in Gadchiroli forest Division.


From the Mahua flowers certain non-alcoholic food products were made bored on the technology given by Prof. Bhootmange from Lakshminarayan Institute of technology, Nagpur. The technology has been transferred to JFM committee Chandala and training has been imparted to them. To link up the natural products from forest which tribal collect traditionally with market by value addition, Gadchiroli Forest Circle with the involvement of Joint Forest Management Committee took up initiative of value addition of product there by adding to the value to the tribal life.




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