Natural & Pure JANDI Honey (Prosopis cineraria Tree) from Rajasthan


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Prosopis cineraria, locally called as KHEJRI or JANDI. Jandi Honey extracted from JANDI, its an indigenous tree, which effectively stabilizes sand dunes and can withstand periodic burial.. Culturally, the tree holds a very important place in lives Rajasthani people, especially the Bishnois. The tree (Prosopis cineraria) is considered as sacred as ‘Tulsi’ by many giving it an important religious significance
The Jandi flowers make an amazing bee-fodder, bees get their nectar from the flowers of Khejri / Jandi trees in the vicinity of bee farms from where the hone is aggregated and packed into large containers for further small packings after filtering the pollens and solid particles.
  • Pure honey may crystallize with the passage of time
  • This is a natural process and doesn’t affect its quality
  • Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight



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