Handcrafted Kid’s Soap- Sea Salt-90 GMS


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Handcrafted Kid’s Soap is designed for people with highly oily skin.

It can help you maintain the ph of your skin so that you don’t secrete as much oil as you usually do, making your skin less oily and shinny.

Also the people with oily skin have a another problem of sweating and this also has a strong fragrance that stays with you helping with the sweating.

Sea salt also helps with rheumatism and edema reducing pain for people who find that they have a lot of muscular pain.We are brimming with delight over the launch of our exquisite range of Handmade Kid’s Soap.These will lather you up in their creamy goodness and intoxicate your senses with their heavenly fragrance. These organic beauties are a blend of the purest cold-pressed oils, exotic organic herbs, and pure essential oils. Knock out your chemical based products and give your skin some love by indulging in these luxurious soapy bars. They have magic swirling inside them which will open the door to the worlds best-kept beauty secrets.

Handcrafted Kid’s Soap We love the skin they’re in and want to care for it as best we can. A baby’s skin calm and nourished with our unique, The is Organic sea salt soap made with safe and ultra-mild ingredients like sea buck thorn oil and botanical extracts including: calendar, marshmallow and comforter Lightly-scented with lavender essential oil, this bar will help reduce inflammation and soothe common skin ailments, including eczema and psoriasis, while gently, but effectively cleansing your baby’s skin. Though this sea salt soap has been specially formulated to be mild and safe for delicate baby skin, it’s great for children, teens and adults as well – basically anyone with sensitive skin! The warm tub infused with our soap will also help calm an angry diaper rash.


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