Handcrafted Honey & Cinnamon Soap Bar – 100gm




Handcrafted Honey Cinnamon Soap

As cinnamon essential or aromatherapy oil enhances blood circulation, it is often used as an aphrodisiac to arouse sexual desire in men and women.


In addition, cinnamon essential oil is also effective in treating depression, enhance appetite and keep your senses alert and help you to focus on your work. Using this scented oil in aromatherapy also helps in decreasing lethargy and bad temper or irritability.

Pore cleanser: The enzymes in honey Clarify and keep the pores clean and clear. plus the antibacterial properties of honey also prevent bacterial buildup that can lead to skin imbalances and brackouts.


Handcrafted Honey Cinnamon Soap : This aromatic honey soap is a natural deodorant that magically acts as an excellent skin toner, abating pores to emit that awesome skin look. Cinnamon actually help keep the skin tissue young and supple. Possessing anti-bacterial properties, Cinnamon is truly an ideal ingredient for natural soap, while combined with honey it makes the soap rare.

Handcrafted Honey Cinnamon Soap bar gives you the power of cinnamon and honey to deeply cleanse and nourish the skin.


It is almost too tempting to take bite of this aptly named soap, as it is a rich brown in colour, packed full of ground cinnamon and cocoa-powder and tons of organic honey, which are gently exfoliating. The nutmeg and cinnamon oils are antiseptic and its very warming, while the benzoin is soothing, especially use on dry and chapped skin. This is a lovely and fun soap, but is not recommended for young children as the oils could irritate very sensitive skin and yes, they might mistake it for food!


Our traditional Handcrafted Honey Cinnamon Soap contain good quality palm, olive and coconut oils which combine to make a luxuriously smooth and gentle soap. All ingredients are wild crafted and are organically grown wherever possible.



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