Handcrafted Goat Milk Soap Bar 100gm




Handcrafted Goat Milk Soap

As With Other Milks, Goat’S Milk Contains Lactic Acid, Which Is An Alpha Hydroxy Acid (Aha). It Assists To Gently Slough Off Dead Skin Cells And Helps To Hydrate And Brighten The Skin.
Goat’S Milk Has Unique Nourishing Properties That Make It The Perfect Ingredient To Add To Anything Which Touches Your Skin, Like Our Hand-Crafted Glycerin Soap To Your Moisturize And Nourish Your Skin.
Goat’S Milk Is Both An Anti-Aging Wonder And A Lifesaver For Dry And Sensitive Skin. I Fell In Love With A Moisturizing Ability Of The Soap But It Is Also Anti-Inflammatory With A Beautiful Fragrance.
As Far As The Skin On Your Body, Goat’S Milk Is A Must For Your Daily Shower. With Its Healing Benefits, Not Only Will You Notice Healthier Skin, But One More Little Glorious Thing Will Happen – You Will Begin To Notice A Need For Less Moisturizer.
There Are Many Different Brands That Carry Handcrafted Goat milk Soap … I Happen To Adore One That Also Incorporates Aromatherapy For Added Bath Time Pleasure (Vherbs).Goat’S Milk Is Rich In Essential Fatty Acids And Triglycerides. The Essential Fatty Acids Have A Unique Ph Similar To Humans, So It Is Less Irritating And More Easily Absorbed By Our Skin. These Fatty Acids And Triglycerides Are Super Moisturizing.But There’S More! Goat’S Milk Contains Precious Skin Minerals Like Selenium And Is Loaded With Vitamins, Particularly Vitamin A, The Most Important Vitamin For The Skin. It Assists To Gently Slough Off Dead Skin Cells And Helps To Hydrate And Brighten The Skin.

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