Handcrafted Aloe Neem & Honey Soap- 90 gm

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Handcrafted Neem Soap combination of oils and extracts is very good for people with weak or dry skin.

The Vitamin E in the aloe vera extract is the best thing for any type of skin for healing or mark removal.

Neem is a strong antiseptic and aloevera helps the skin to fight with any types of infections.

The honey in the mix helps both neem and aloevera to do their job by feeding the skin.


We are use freshing Neem leaves and natural scrub in the making of the Handcrafted Neem Soap. The stimulating, restorative properties of Lavender with the soothing emollient properties of Neem oil and other invigorating Ayurvedic ingredients.

The Neem Soap that we offer can be used for all skin type. Our Neem Soap effectively works on the skin related problems. It Is Beneficial To Reduce: Skin patches, Pimples, Pigmentation.


We deal with best quality of Neem Soap and we offer them to our clients. natural Neem Soap gives a pleasant musty smell of lime. Wonderful blends of essential oils with rich aromas that sit in a long time. Natural Neem powder Added 20% for filler

Key Features of Herbal Soap-

  • No animal fat mixing
  • Natural handmade Herbal soap is made out of single natural herbs and blended with pure coconut oil
  • Our Herbal soaps do not have any chemical and artificial colours
  • Added 2% essential oils for scent
  • Handmade Herbal Soap We have that are prepared by using 100% Natural Ingredients.

AloeVera Neem is the combination of powerful moisturizing properties of the plant’s sap to prevent the skin, scalp, & hair from drying out. It can help to make your skin look and feel suppler and younger & detoxified.

Neem is also a proven antibacterial substance, so you can be sure that your body is being properly cleansed.


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