Goatmilk & Strawberry Kids Soap- 100gm

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Strawberry and Goatmilk Soap is rich in essential fatty acids and triglycerides.

The essential fatty acids have a unique PH similar to human being,so it is less irritating and more easily absorbed by our skin. We have added a very fruity fragrance to goat milk so as to make it more desirable for teens as goat-milk is very good for growing skin helping it to grow the right way and nourishing it with antioxidants and fats so the skin is naturally strong and can fight simple infection and discoloration on its own.


Strawberry and Goatmilk Soap will nourish your skin with a creamy, rich, luxurious lather that deep cleans and washes away all impurities. It soothes irritated skin from conditions like acne, eczema, or rosacea, adds vitamins and minerals, and rehydrates, leaving your skin moisturized, nourished and beautiful.

A Strong and deep pink, this scent is a sweet yet tart addition to any fragrance collection. Its smells reminiscent of a popular strawberry gum and is a great fix for one too many spicy scents during the holiday season.


An intensely nourishing and cleansing soap helps gently cleanse skin while preserving its natural hydration. Enriched with Strawberry Extract, olive oil and coconut oil to replenish skin with superior moisture leave skin smooth, sleek & radiant.

Promotes silky-smooth & comfortable sensation

Leaves skin feeling radiantly clean & supple

Balances skin pH


Allergen Free Strawberry Soap. Its Fresh fun fragrances popular with children and the young in heart.

Goat’s milk is gentle and great for just about any skin type. Colored a soft pink,I added strawberry seeds to give it extra oomph. The scent will bring to mind summer days and ripe berries.


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