EUCALYPTUS HONEY (नीलगिरि शहद )




Eucalyptus Honey

Its Origin

The eucalyptus tree, also known as fever tree, blue gum tree or stringy bark tree, has the botanical name Eucalyptus Globules. It is native to Australia but was introduced to other parts of the world including India, Europe and South Africa a few centuries ago.

Eucalyptus honey has 3 major health benefits:

1) Fights against infections and diseases of respiratory organs

2) Heals infections and diseases of urinary passages.

3) Increases immunity

Raw honey is known to have a number of health and well-being effects. … Raw eucalyptus honey, in particular, is thought to have antiseptic benefits so are good for healing wounds, ulcers and sores, as well as being good natural remedies for respiratory ailments and energy boosters.

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