Dry Fruits Powder for Kids




A Delicious Mix of Oven Roasted Cashews, Almonds, Walnuts and Pistachios with No Added Oils or preservatives

Nuts are a super food and have been given to children by mums and grand mums since time immemorial, Dry Fruits Powder / Mix not only increases the nutritional value of the baby’s food, it also has weight gaining benefits. Almonds help with brain development, cashew nuts are great for development of muscles and bones, pistachios are high in fibre, turmeric is a natural antiseptic and nutmeg helps the baby sleep better.

  • Nuts and dry fruits are not just packed with healthy protein, but also are great for a healthy heart and brain.
  • Nuts are rich in unsaturated fats, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin E and fiber. Nuts help in healthy growth, development and learning in kids.
  • Nuts and dry fruits are also high in calories and can help in weight gain in underweight children.
  • Nuts and dry fruits are also known to improve immunity in children.
  • Nuts and dry fruits are very good brain foods and can help in brain development and good memory.

Nutritional Information (Dry Fruits Powder)


  • They help in brain development.
  • They are rich in phosphorous, vitamins and minerals and help in bone growth and development.
  • They help improve the immune system.
  • They enrich the skin resulting in a glowing skin.
  • They act as effective anti inflammatory agents.


  • They are rich in copper, calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc.
  • Helps in healthy development of muscle, nerves and bones.
  • Helps prevent anemia.
  • An Immune boosting food.


  • Helps prevent dry skin.
  • Is high in dietary fiber.
  • Acts as a good antioxidant.


It is rich in Vitamin C, Iron and Magnesium.


  • Helps in easy digestion.
  • Helps to attain a glowing skin.
  • It helps sleep better.


  • It is a natural antiseptic.
  • It is effective cough and cold remedy.
  • It is acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.
  • How to use dry fruit powder/ nuts powder for babies, toddlers, kids?

    You can add this dry fruit powder in child’s food in many ways.

    • You may add it to milk with a little bit of sugar and make a delicious drink similar to badam milk. Do not forget to check out our Instant kesar badam milk powder.
    • You may add this powder to breakfast cereals, porridge, oatmeals to increase the nutrition levels instantly.
    • When you make a halwa, add this powder at the end to increase nutritional value as well as enhance the taste.
    • You may add this to laddoos like atta laddu, besan laddu etc.
    • You may also thicken milk, add sugar and dry fruit powder and freeze to make a quick homemade kulfi.

    Is this dry fruit powder safe for babies?/ At what age can we start giving this dry fruit powder?

    Nuts can sometimes cause allergies in babies, hence it makes sense to be cautious when introducing nuts in baby’s diet. You may give this powder once baby is 10 months and above.

    It also makes sense to avoid this dry fruit powder, if you have a family history of nut allergy.

    When you start giving this dry fruit powder, give a very small amount on the first day. Keep an eye for any allergies or reactions for next couple of days before gradually increasing the quantity.

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