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Charcoal Kids Soap has cleansing properties like no other. it binds with all the dirt lodged in the pores of your skin and cleans the pores completely. this makes the skin tighter and acne free.

It also absorbs all the unwanted oils and other toxins from the skin and pulls them out from the skin. Activated charcoal helps in doing deep cleaning which is very important for skin health.

Charcoal Kids Soap from coconut shells removes impurities and pollutants that clog pores while virgin coconut oil moisturizes and nourishes skin.
A soap is gentle for everyday use and can be used on the face to tighten pores and reduce sebum production.
Handcrafted anti-bacterial organic soap for kids in need. Ingredients are organically grown and locally sourced from a farm
The Treats Oily Skin Many of you might be fed up of trying out innumerable ways to treat oily skin. It gets even worse during the summer season Charcoal kids soap absorbs the excessive oil along with the dirt from the skin. This gives you an oil-free look. Moreover the also effectively removes unwanted oil from the face.
Clears Skin Blemishes the regular use of charcoal soap can provide amazing results for a blemish-free skin and Again it does this effectively by removing impurities and toxins from the skin. It also exfoliates the skin.
The soap is known to be highly beneficial in the treatment . It not only aids the removal of toxins, but also removes skin impurities thus helping in the treatment of acne. It even clears facial marks resulting from acne.
When you the purchase artisans soap from Squeaky Clean Kids,
Benefits Of Charcoal Soap
1. Treats Oily Skin
2. Provides Flawless Skin
3. Charcoal Soap For Acne
4. Reduces Pore Size
5. Makes Skin Tighter And Firmer
6. Suits Every Skin Type
7. Prevents Premature Aging
8. Clears Skin Blemishes
9. Treats Psoriasis
10. Treats Dandruff


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