3F Home Made Peanut Butter 400Grm




  • The ingredients are very simple : Just Peanuts. No added sugar, no added fats, no added salt.
  • You can add sugar / honey / salt as per your diet or taste requirements.
  • Natural processing of peanut stores the nutrients
  • Homemade, fat-free  peanut butter

3F offers natural genuine plain peanut butter prepared with raw nuts. You can enjoy the goodness of real taste of nuts in every bite of plain peanut butter. 3F brings the wonderful blend of peanuts to change your way of the regular snacking. 3F is a brand focused primarily on providing its customers healthy consumption choices that allows for prevention of diseases instead of focusing on curing them. Our brand adheres to the best of practices to ensure quality, taste and freshness. The first step, of course, is to acquire first grade ingredients that pass multiple quality tests. This makes sure that the ingredients which reach you are dense in nutrients & fresh from the fields. Consistent with the philosophy, we also avoid the use of all artificial sweeteners and preservatives.


At 3F, We Are Committed To Provide “Farm & Forest Fresh” Produce In All Its Natural Form To The End Users Who Prefer An Unaltered & Unadulterated Health Product. 3F Products Come To You From The Jungles, Farm Lands Of Central India And From The State Of The Art Vegetable’s & Fruit’s Spray Drying Units And Personally Managed Handmade Soap & Shampoo Units


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