Mahua Sharbat

Benefits of Jungle Fresh Mahua Sharbat

Mahua flowers don’t remain on the tree for longer duration, they bloom at night and fall to the forest floor. It usually grows in the forest villages of western Odisha.

Mahua fruits are smashed raw, seed kernels are crushed to produce edible oil and flowers are sweet and too much mouth-watering.

The wisdom of the Tribal peoples is now being taken seriously and scientists are checking out Mahua properties.

Benefits of Jungle Fresh Mahua

1) It has been used in Traditional Medicine as a Cure for a Myriad of Ills Like-  

Heart Problems

 Eye problem


To treat TB

 Bronchital Problems

 Blood disease

To get rid of parasitical internal worm.


2) Goodness of Mahua helps you in-

Liver & kidney purification


Increase oxygen carrying capacity

Helps during menstrual pain

Highly nutrition supplement for lactating mothers


Increase sperm count

Also useful in the treatment of fisher and piles

3) Mahua leaves are interlaced into plates and cups used for festivals, sticks of the tree are placed on the bride and groom’s hands during weddings and a corpse is anointed with Mahua oil.

4) Also it is majorly used during Acidity, Gas, and Piles and as a Blood Purifier.

5) Fresh juice of the flowers is given in a dose of 20-25 ml to treat hypertension, hiccups and dry cough.

6) For spongy and bleeding gums, 4 ml of the liquid bark extract is mixed with 300 ml of water is used as a gargle. Gargling with bark extract is also useful in acute tonsillitis (inflamed tonsils) and pharyngitis.

Though Mahua flowers form a good source of nutrition mostly people do not use them as it is mostly used to make liquor it carries a toboo. In order to remove the taboo and generate employment to people non-alcoholic products from mahua flowes are being produced by JFMC chandala in Gadchiroli forest Division.

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