Makhana fox nuts

Fox Nuts Desi Makhana Nutritional Benefits

Fox nuts or Lotus Seeds are few names of Makhana. It Come from a plant called Euryale Fox which grows in wet lands or say Ponds in Eastern Asia.

Makhana has Adequate Amounts Of 8 Out Of 9 Essential Amino Acids Required For Good Health Of Humans And Is Packed With Many Other Micro & Macro Nutrients Such As Vitamins & Minerals.

Carom N Cumin Is Hygienically Made From Hand-Picked Mini Makhana, Sourced From Best Makhana Farms Of North Bihar, Using Natural Ingredients And Vegetable Butters Without Trans-Fats, For Extra Crunchiness.

Health Benefits of Makhana –Due to high Magnesium and low SodiumContent it is beneficial for people suffering from High Blood Pressure

  • Due to Low Glycemic index it’sbeneficial for Diabetic People.
  • Due to low Sodium, Fat and Cholesterolit’s an Ideal Snacks for meal hungers.
  • It also benefits the Kidneyssuggested by Ayurveda.
  • Low in calories making them an idealsnack for Weight Loss
  • It also helps in PreventingInflammation and Ageing.
  • Makhanas are protein Rich, High withcarbohydrates and Gluten Free.

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